Pelican has a range of products to help with peoples’ thermoregulation. The material, also known as phase change material, help keep cool people warmer, and warm people cooler. There are various applications for bed sheets, pillow covers, wedge covers, and garments. We have both stretch and non-stretch material.

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More about our Thermoregulation range

Some people may not be able to control their body temperature when sleeping.
This may be due to a number of reasons, which may include, but are not limited to, reaction to medication they are taking, menopause, physical disability that prevents them from removing the bed blankets, or even a personal condition such as a form of Hyperhidrosis, etc.

The Pelican range of Thermoregulating (TR) Material items may help some of these people. TR Material was first developed to help astronauts maintain their body temperature. The material should help to keep cold people warmer and keep hot people cooler. The material allows heat from the body to escape and if the body is getting cold, it traps the warmth of the body. Different versions of the TR material are now used for extreme snow sports and some other specialised clothing.

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