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About pelican manufacturing

Our aim is to offer Patients a high level of dignity, safety and well-being, as well as helping make the Carers’ role easier and safer. Pelican Manufacturing was established in 1987 to provide selected pressure care items for geriatric Patients in nursing homes and hospitals. Since then we have grown and developed into an industry-leading nursing goods supplier, offering a wide and thorough range of products including manual handling, pressure care, hoist slings, theatre & post-operative care, patient dignity, aids to daily living, restraints, safety items, evacuation, fire & rescue

items, physiotherapy items, medical devices, and medical and healthcare supplies. Many items in the Pelican range have been developed following customers’ suggestions or concerns regarding aspects of health care. If you cannot see what you are looking for on our website, please contact us to discuss the query. Chances are if you are having a particular problem in a certain area, then other people are probably having exactly the same problem.

The Pelican Fable

There is a fable that the pelican is the nursing or caring bird. The story is that the red mark at the end of the mother pelican’s beak is a blood stain, left after the mother bird had plucked her chest to feed the young on her blood when food was scarce. Possibly in reality the red mark may be due to a hormone change in the mother pelican, however the sentiment of caring is appropriate for our company and our concern to help Patients and Staff. We design and manufacture our products and we always consider Patient’s care & dignity as well as Patient & Staff safety and occupational health. The pelican is the symbol of some primary schools and children’s hospitals, and the road crossing where you push a button and wait for the little green man is called a Pelican Crossing.

Quality Assurance

Since 1995 Pelican has been a Quality Endorsed Company working to AS/NZS ISO 9001, Registration 5255. We are dedicated and determined to continue helping aged and disabled people and their carers. We made the decision to achieve accreditation as an indication of our commitment to run a Quality Endorsed Company. If at any time you are not happy about the quality of our products or service, please advise us, so any problem can be quickly rectified, as we wish to maintain a high standard. If you purchase any goods and find they are not suitable, provided that the items are not soiled and are ready for resale, we will credit, in full, the invoice value of the goods returned.

International Patents & Trademarks

We maintain an extremely high level of quality in accordance with International Standard ISO AS/NZS 9001, and our patented items are internationally recognised.


Pelican products have GTIN and barcode number labels.

We Employ Ex-Carers

Understanding our customers’ specialised needs requires special caring knowledge. We employ ex-Carers who have worked with both Pelican products and competitor’s products in aged care and hospitals. Although we know our products very well, we don’t know the setting they will be used in, or the person’s abilities and disabilities, but we will try to give the best advice we can.

GS1 logo
GS1 National Product Catalogue (NPC)

Pelican has products registered in the GS1 National Product Catalogue (NPC) for healthcare.

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