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Quality Policy Statement

Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of a diverse range of goods for invalid care and geriatric equipment for patient and staff safety, lifting and pressure care and has total commitment to quality excellence. Our aim is to provide quality products and customer service that exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.

Pelican’s continues to maintain and continually improve the Quality Management System for satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Quality Objectives:

  • Management Objectives – To provide resources for the successful achievements of the organisation’s objectives
  • Sales Objectives – All customer orders are to be processed and sent to the factory on the same working day they are received
  • Graphics Objectives – To provide accurate and adequate information for the manufacture and use of all products, and to update and distribute changes to all relevant parties
  • Production Objectives – To eliminate product quality problems and minimise rework
  • Distribution Objectives – To send the correct goods, to the correct customer within the delivery time they are required


As part of our continual improvement, we will ensure we:

  • Train, educate and communicate with employees, contractors, customers, visitors and other interested parties in regard to this policy where necessary
  • Train, educate and communicate with employees and contractors in the expectations towards quality products and services
  • Provide a level of product and service requirements with timely deliveries and quality products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Maintain ISO 9001:2015 principles and build stronger customer focus
  • Apply the “Plan, Do Check, Act” methodology within our quality management system
  • Apply Risk Based Thinking within our operations and processes
  • Follow up on products and services to ascertain that our goals are being achieved
  • Comply with Regulatory and Statutory requirements
  • Commit to audits to continually improve our quality management system and processes


Our quality objectives are established at senior management level and included in the Quality Management System, which is reviewed on a continuing basis through management review.


John Bromberger
Managing Director
21st June 2021

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