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Other Policies

Goods Damaged in Transit Policy

If you received goods which seem to have been damaged in transit, please contact us. It may be necessary to send the goods back to Pelican, including original packaging, via registered airmail or courier (so we can get Proof of Delivery). Be sure to include your invoice number and delivery details in the parcel. Once we have received them, we will send out new goods to you.

Cancellations Policy

If you would like to cancel an order, please email us. If the order has not left our premises then we can simply cancel the order and there is no charge. If the order has already left our premises, then we have to follow the Refunds & Refunds Policy, and we have to charge the freight costs.

Complaints Policy

Pelican takes all complaints seriously, and we use them to look for opportunities of where improvements can be made in our products, services, and systems. Customers can inform us of a complaint informally or formally. We will review, investigate, and respond to all complaints and we will take action where deemed necessary by management. We are happy to provide written evidence showing how any particular complaint is handled to its conclusion and hopefully a satisfactory resolution. We do aim for our customers to have 100% satisfaction in all aspects of their dealings with us. To lodge a complaint please email [email protected]

General Public Restraint Authorisation Policy

Pelican manufactures may products which are a position aid, and not a restraint. However, we are extra vigilant and for some products we will ask you to complete a letter stating that you understand the risk of the product and that it will be used safely, and used under the constant observation of a healthcare professional. Because the general public are not trained in the safe and correct use of positioning aids or restraints, we require authorisation from an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Clinical Nurse Manager, Registered Nurse, Doctor, or other suitably qualified person, to ensure it will be used correctly and safely by the family and/or carers. This letter is not required when we send positioning aids or restraints to aged care facilities or hospitals because their staff are already trained in their safe use. Click here to print the letter template, and please return a copy to us when ordering.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 011 618 9444 4577

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